Thursday, July 5, 2012

Song Of The Week - 07/06/12

Since you've just recently celebrated your independence from the British, I thought it might be appropriate to share a song by one of their archest nemeses' countrymen.  That's right, I'm talking about hop aboard my imaginary jet to The City of Lights, but don't forget to pack your jingoistic slogans of American exceptionalism.  After all, we invented da funk.

Para One feat. Jaw - When The Night
Parisian beatmaker extraordinaire Jean Baptiste de Laubier (a.k.a. Para One) dropped his debut solo album last month, and boy, is it a breath of fresh air.  Like last year's eponymous Slice & Soda LP (his side project with San Serac), Passion is teeming to the brim with tight productions and enough boogie to shake a stick at.  Though the album features a handful of standout tracks, "When The Night" embodies the best that Monsieur de Laubier has to offer us electro aficionados.  Extra credit goes to the keen-eared listener who can identify the song sampled in this week's selection.

Links for Para One

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