Friday, June 15, 2012

Song Of The Week - 06/15/12

Father's Day weekend is upon us, so don't forget to call up your old man this Sunday.  After all, he'd probably appreciate that more than another novelty tie or a bottle of dollar store cologne.  And when you get him on the line, don't complain about all those physical abnormalities you inherited, just thank him for graciously donating his genetic material in the first place (and subsequently putting up with all your tomfoolery).  Personally, I see a lot of my father in myself; whether it's my affinity for Genesis, my off-kilter sense of humor, or my ability to chain together profanities while doing housework, the best parts of me are due largely to him.  Thank you, Dad, I'm so proud to be your slightly odd son.

Hot Chip - Night & Day

Last week, the quirky British electropop troupe Hot Chip unleashed their fifth studio album upon the world, and the praise has been fairly unanimous.  In Our Heads is, in my opinion, a welcome return to form for Alexis Taylor and company after their somewhat subdued effort One Life Stand.  The latest single, "Night & Day," is vintage Hot Chip, flawlessly combining their musical and lyrical idiosyncrasies with keen dancefloor sensibilities.  The remainder of the album is equally strong, representing some of the freshest material they've ever produced.  Chances are In Our Heads will find itself onto next week's "Best Albums of 2012 (So Far)" list; until then, enjoy the music and try not to shiver with antici...............pation.

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