Friday, June 8, 2012

Song Of The Week - 06/08/12

We live in troubling times, my friends.  Whether it's the massacring of protestors at the hands of a brutal regime in Syria, or countless children starving in disease-ravaged African nations, we see examples of pain and suffering every day.  Thankfully the good folks at PBS have released the one thing that can bring together a planet divided by nations, gender, race, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation.  That's right, an auto-tuned tribute to Mr. Rogers...if this can't bring about world peace, nothing can.

Ladyhawke - Sunday Drive

New Zealand native and pugnacious indie-pop pixie Phillipa "Pip" Brown recently released the follow-up to her critically acclaimed eponymous debut album.  Anxiety is a less synth-driven and more rock-focused effort, giving it a grittier edge than its predecessor.  But given the fact that many of her contemporaries have gone in the opposite direction since 2008, the new album has the same "breath of fresh air" appeal as the first.  While I feel that she hasn't quite exceeded the standard set by her debut, this bird has shown that her claws are still pretty sharp.  

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