Friday, May 11, 2012

Song Of The Week - 05/11/12

Many of us were dealt a devastating blow this past week with the passing of Adam Yauch.  Though he is with us no longer, we can take solace in the fact that while he was here, he was like a lemon to a lime, a lime to a lemon, and he sipped def ale with all the fine women.  He will be missed, but no one can deny that he, Adam Horovitz, and Mike Diamond stayed relevant for over twenty years, and in doing so, not only provided a soundtrack for a generation of people the world over but also touched countless hearts, minds, and ears in the process, including mine.  RIP, MCA.

The KDMS - Wonderman

The KDMS consists of London’s disco diva Kathy Diamond and Polish production powerhouse Maximilian SkibaAfter releasing a series of successful smooth-ass jams on the German imprint Gomma, they've finally unleashed their debut full-length Kinky Dramas And Magic Stories.  I can assure you that if you can listen to this album without experiencing the urge to boogie, you may want to consult your funk-physician as you may be experiencing symptoms of DBS (Dull Booty Syndrome).  As an added bonus, I've included Kathy and Max's cover of the latest Madonna single because, in my opinion, it's superior to the official version...take that, Madge.

Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin (THE KDMS version) by Gomma

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