Friday, March 16, 2012

Song Of The Week - 03/16/12

Well, March Madness has officially begun, and my only thought is that the term itself sounds more like Medieval slang for syphilis than a basketball tournament.  But with record numbers of college students crowding fevered arenas across the nation, I may not be too far off base in my assessment.

Pitchben - Friday Night

If I were to ask you for a list of adjectives to describe the people of Deutschland, I highly doubt that "funky" would make the cut.  Well, today's artist bucks that convention in more ways than one.  Not only is he a talented producer, but he's also an extremely skilled turntablist.  Back in 2002, he won the German DMC finals under the moniker M-Tech with his scratched interpretation of Break Machine's 1984 classic "Street Dance".  Knowing this, the sound of this week's selection will come as no surprise.  "Friday Night" is an electro funk jam so hot, it'll set your Jheri curl ablaze (serves you right for leaving all those Soul Glo stains on my couch).  As a matter of fact, the entire album is a throwback that pays homage to a bygone era of gold chains, Adidas jumpsuits, and Billy Dee Williams hawking Colt45.  In recording Pitchslap, Pitchben utilized authentic analog synthesizers and real scores for string and brass sections, faithfully reproducing the types of funkalicious sounds that would make Rick James himself proud (RIP, Superfreak).  The weekend is upon us, people, so lace up your boogie shoes, put on that Cosby sweater, and jiggle your posterior like a bowl of Jell-O.

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