Friday, March 9, 2012

Song Of The Week - 03/09/12

Hey, guys, did you hear the news?  It's all over Facebook that Apollo Creed is leading a guerrilla army of children in East Africa.  I know what you're thinking, "hey, wasn't he pummeled to death by Ivan Drago in Rocky IV?"  That's what he wanted you to think, you fools!  It was all an elaborate scheme to escape the extreme fame and wealth he had accumulated as a pugilist to live out his violent, militaristic fetish of being a warlord in the forests of Uganda.  This whole situation is pretty much the extreme polar opposite of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and like most problems in the world, we can somehow find a way to tie it back to the Soviets.  Draaaaaaggggoooo!!!

WhoMadeWho - Inside World

WhoMadeWho is a Danish trio consisting of drummer/DJ Tomas Barfod, singer/bassist Tomas Hoffdingand, and singer/guitarist/Frank Zappa doppelganger Jeppe Kjellberg.  Since 2003, they have released multiple EPs and two albums on the German label Gomma Records and established themselves as darlings of the indie disco scene.  In their near decade performing together, they have matured sonically in each subsequent release, a trend that continues with their latest effort, Brighter, which was released earlier this week on the Cologne-based Kompakt imprint.  "Inside World" is the Italo-inspired first single from the new album; it represents some of their strongest work to date and promises to delight fans of quality electronic music.

WhoMadeWho - Inside World (from coming album "Brighter" out Feb 27 2012) by whomadewho

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